Computer generated NBA predictions

Welcome to btng.be where you will find computer-generated betting prediction for all matches from the National Basketball Association.

Information about all previous betting predictions, created with the assistance of this program for generation of betting tips for the NBA matches could be found on http://basketball-predictor.com/.

Every day, we calculate by a program for computer simulations some specially selected betting statistics covering the last six matches played by the teams from NBA. This program for computer-generated basketball betting predictions execute simulation of the match between the two teams a million times to provide us with the percentage view of the probabilities of all possible outcomes of the match. So, once we have the percentages and compare them with the proposed by the bookmakers odds, we can easily find which bet is a value bet and which one will be a loser in the long-term bets.

What kind of statistics do we calculate when we make our computer generated betting predictions? With the idea to count the factor of home court, we take data from the last six home matches for the home team and the last six games away matches for the visitors. Thus, we achieve a maximum adequacy of the statistical data as they comply with the current state of the team.

More about computer based basketball betting predictions you can find on the site bettingsolver.com. However, have in mind the site is written on Bulgarian.

How is this site organized?

If you look to the left you will find our profit / loss balance of all bets made so far. There you will find our results for Point Spread, Game Totals, Winning Margin, Money Line, Team Totals, Winning Margin 3-Way, Winning Margin 7-Way, Winning Margin 12-Way and Race to 20 bets. The data is updated daily, so anytime you can get information about the results achieved by this program for computer-generated basketball predictions. It is important to note that the stakes are made of the principle of flat betting and each bet is one unit.

The next section on the left shows all bets, made from us sorted in categories. There you can easily find all already made bets. Also there, you will find a list of all NBA matches, simulated with our program for computer made basketball betting predictions. You will notice that for each match are displayed the percentage probabilities for each possible bet.

Further down on your left you will see the latest posts on btng.be, which will give you information about the latest matches covered by our program.

On your right you can see the list of bookmakers we use for our basketball betting. Also there, we have a button for PayPal donations. We will be glad if you share with us a part of your betting success. You should know the efforts to analyze each match from the NBA championship is really serious and time consuming.

On btng.be you will also find our contact page. We will be glad if you share with us your thoughts and proposals for improvements of what we do with the betting program and the site presenting its results. Right next to the contact page you will find the page with the best odds you can find on any basketball game. This betting tool is really useful and can help you improve significantly your performance. On this page you will find information about the best odds for any basketball match at the time. Needless to say, finding the best odds is essential for ultimate success in sports betting.

A few words about what we think about betting on sports events in general. We believe, it is extremely important to know and remember well that sports betting should be played only for fun. In general this means that the amounts you use for your bets must be such that you can lose without a problem. If at any time you feel that sports betting affecting badly to your life and personal happiness, then you must get help as soon as possible. At the bottom of this site we have put two links to specialized sites for assistance in such cases which can really be useful if it comes to that.

This is briefly what you can find on this site for computer generated basketball predictions and how the site is organized. It remains only to wish you good profits and success, while betting on matches from NBA.

Have fun.

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